Feel the power
of digital money

Regulated stablecoin, pegged 1‑to‑1 to Russian Ruble

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Feel the power of digital money

RUBL® stablecoin is launched by TMH digital AG, a Swiss company, is fully regulated and designed for both commercial and personal use in international transactions and on crypto market.


Benefits of using RUBL stablecoin

Easy to get

Easy to get

Purchase RUBL for fiat or crypto

Easy to trade

Easy to trade

Use RUBL to trade at the crypto market

Easy to hold

Easy to hold

RUBL tokens are securely stored
within the GP7 app

Easy to comply

Easy to comply

As a payment token, RUBL can be legally used by businesses


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Frequently asked questions about RUBL

  • 01
    What is RUBL?
    RUBL is a stablecoin pegged to Russian Ruble, issued in Switzerland and confirmed as a payment token by FINMA, the Swiss regulator of the financial markets. On the technological side, it is an ERC-20 token in the Ethereum network.
  • 02
    What is the purpose of RUBL?
    Being a payment token, RUBL can be used for international and domestic transactions. It is suitable for personal and commercial use as a payment method, as well as to store the value in the crypto market and mitigate currency risks.
  • 03
    How can I get RUBL?
    You can purchase RUBL stablecoins via the GP7 platform for major cryptocurrencies, Russian Rubles, Euro, USD or Swiss Francs.
  • 04
    Is it legal to use RUBL?
    RUBL as a payment token can be legally used as a payment method in Switzerland. If you reside in a jurisdiction other than Switzerland, you should consult with your local legal professionals to understand what are the limitations on your use of payment tokens.
  • 05
    Is it secure to use RUBL?
    If you store RUBL in the GP7 wallet, you benefit from additional security due to the use of TSS by the app. Under this method your private key is split into three parts, of which one is stored at our servers, and you have the other two. It allows you to restore one of the key parts in case you lose it, but prevents us or anyone else to initiate transactions without your approval.
  • 06
    Do you implement AML measures in relation to RUBL?
    As a regulated financial intermediary, it is our duty to perform the KYC and AML checks when engaging in business relations with a new customer. This is required by the the Swiss AML Act, as well as by the internal rules of the VQF, a self-regulatory organisation we are members of.
  • 07
    How can I transfer RUBL token?
    Since RUBL is an ERC-20 token, you can send it to any Ethereum address; if you are using the GP7 app, you can also transfer RUBL via the phone number – if the recipient is not yet onboarded, they will receive an invitaion to install the app, with the transferred RUBL tokens already waiting for them inside.


RUBL Ecosystem

Secure non-custodial
wallet for RUBL

  • Zero commissions
  • Send RUBL worldwide by mobile number
  • Threshold Signature Scheme

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  • Connect bank account
  • Exchange without orders
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